9th August 2002, 21:09
Well, I am glad to be member of the 22B community!
This is my first post and as "newcomer" I have to say that is the more technical Subaru BBS I know so far!

My problem starts before two months with a slight "crunchy" noise from the front-right side of my car, hearable only when turn to the left and increased when the throttle is pressed (stressed front right), think it was diff related.
After few visits to the main Subaru service here in Thessaloniki the mechanic changed the front wheel bearing as it was very worn and flushed - I don't know why - and he told me that is the first time he had such problem, they always had rear wheel bearings problems and usually with Foresters, rarely with Imprezas.
After that I drove my car one-two miles and guess... unfortunately the noise is back again.
Is more sharp now and more intense, and seems with the noise from two rubbing cogwheels without grease between them.
My guess is a worn right axle
- also very rare in Imprezas - but the service I prefer is closed for one week holidays so must wait until 19 August.
My car is Impreza MY00/PPP/Euro spec with handling mod only the Prodrive prof suspension and anti lift kit which I suppose is a strain for the suspension components due to increased castor and my 48ET 17" OZ SuperT.
Any help in my problem is really appreciated.
Thanks in advance

24th August 2002, 22:47

25th August 2002, 08:56
This could be completely off beam as you need to hear the noise but I had a very bad noise from the power steering pump and at first thought it was gear wheels grinding together. Found it was air in the system. It was only evident when turning one way and worst when cold.

28th August 2002, 21:52
Thanks Harvey, unfortunately the moise is hearable only when turn to the left and the volume increases the faster I turn the steerin wheel which means more load on right front wheel.
Today Subaru service checked the drive shaft (they changed it with a Forester second hand) without success and unfortunately next step is worn front differential or diff bearing which is inside the diff case!
In case it is the diff bearing do I need to open the diff case in order to replace it or could this be done easy from outside?

29th August 2002, 10:32
Have they checked the wheelbearings? Could be a worn one, which does happen.

29th August 2002, 11:15
Of course they changed the wheel bearing with a new one while the old as I mention, was flushed!!! Car never used very hard and never on track days.
Except the
1)wheel/diff bearing and
2)driveshaft - differential problem
could it be something else?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Adam M
29th August 2002, 11:37
could be a corroded boot has let in some debris which has ground down between mating surfaces.

perhaps a significantly worn cv joint?

I do wonder if it is diff related, since the diff does work regardless of which direction you turn in.

If it is diff related, unfortunately its a remove and strip gearbox job. Might be worth fitting a quaife instead if the diff is buggered.

29th August 2002, 14:38
cant be a warn cv joint if they replaced the driveshaft.