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8th October 2002, 09:34
Anyone know if this fits ok. Does the 3" centrepipe fit the existing channeling and does the backbox fit under the bodywork.


Adam M
8th October 2002, 12:36
It fits, but doesnt look too nice.

sits off centre with the cut out in the bumper, and sits below the channeling in the underside of the car. Nothing special about 22b here, same as any other impreza.

big tailpipe, and quite loud. More about performance than anything else.

personally I prefer the scoobymania, but apparently they dont use the same peope anymore.

Try asking Milltek if they can still make the old scoobymania design, or alternatively ask scoobymania how the new one differs.

9th October 2002, 08:13
Thanks Adam, I don't want to change to something that looks and sounds OTT.

9th October 2002, 08:32
Agree with Adam that the original Scoobymania looks fantastic. Shame then that mines been sitting in a box in the garage for 6 months http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/frown.gif
After I do the fuel pump I may get the downpipe and fit the full system again http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

Adam M
9th October 2002, 10:18
and then sell the car?

9th October 2002, 10:35
You know me Adam! In that mood again.

9th October 2002, 11:29

So, if you sell your 22b, what bits for it that from your experience work well might you consider selling?

9th October 2002, 12:08
Hiya. 'Bolt on' bits I've tried.
HKS Racing Suction Induction kit - very sexy looking, became suspicious/nervous about it's filtration quality so...
GGR/K&N induction kit - BIG cone, not as well finished as HKS
My thoughts on induction kits (running standard JECS ecu and downpipe) is they improve top end at the expense of low down torque. My car with scoobysport backbox and HKS induction kit made 305bhp n 290lbft at SAS in Aldershot.
I ran a full 3" scoobymania exhaust for a while. Was great on track, sounded and looked fantastic. However I found it a little too loud (resonance/drone) for long distance touring - which is 98% of the stuff I do in the car, ie getting to Scotland and back, the other 2% on the twisties was excellent of course LOL.
I'm running Alcon 330mm brakes, they are great. I'm told the AP are better, well I don't believe that on standard suspension and road wheels the Alcons can be outperformed. Of course replacing the discs is more expensive, but I haven't had to do that yet despite track use and many road miles. And the 'Prodrive' logo suits a Type UK http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif
Dumpvalves(bless 'em)
Had a hard (red?) sprung Forge recirc, made fantastic noises with an induction kit. Recently went back to the airbox and an ITG panel filter, car sounded too ordinary so I had to get a VTA. Firstly had a Forge, but heard a HKS SSQ and had to get it. Now my car (still with standard catted downpipe) pops n farts and chirps like a good-un.
If I sell the car I'll have :
Scoobymania Centre and Backbox (unused)
Forge VTA bov.
HKS SSQ BOV (maybe)
GGR induction kit
Forge recirc BOV
A 1000 mile old Alcon brake setup (which I fitted to my bugeye, before selling the car 'cause I hated it)
The HKS BOV is hillarious, everyone should have one.
The GGR induction kit is currently on loan to a friend..along with the Forge recirc, I can't say for sure if they are for sale as he might buy both.

9th October 2002, 13:28

Me cheapo Forge DV26 sounds better than those mouse fart HKS ones.


And Chuck - I've got news fer ya old mate - you'll never sell the car....so U can just give it to me.

I'll learn to drive on the wrong side. http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif


8th December 2002, 08:47

If your not going to use your Scoobymania centre pipe and back box are they for sale?
I tried to Email you


9th December 2002, 12:00
Hugh and I have spoken. Thanks to Mark for helping Hugh get in touch with me.