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Jake Siney
3rd June 2003, 20:08
I have posted this on SN without any success maybe someone on this BBS can help.

I have just fitted an HKS FMIC to my MY00 UK and the pipework hits the bonnet vent covers, I have had to remove the covers to stop the pipework rubbing but this isn't ideal as rain gets straight in.

Is this normal or is this pipework in the wrong place? has anyone had any experience with fitting an HKS FMIC to a 99/00 car.

Also I have the 99/00 version kit that the DV clips straight onto the pipework but it doesn't seem to seal very well using the adapter pipe for the OE DV, will the HKS Sqv be a better fit?


3rd June 2003, 22:30
Wouldnt worry about it.. despite what people tell you.. water wont damage your engine.. not the amount through those vents anyway..

Might be an idea to shield the air filter though..

I would just attack the bolts with an angle grinder http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif


6th June 2003, 12:58
Jake, you probably have some of the hoses/clamps fitted in slightly the wrong way, I have now problems what so ever fitting mine...mind you it is an MY98 kit.

THe dump valve however has always been a pig to get sealed properly, ask Scott Wallace (Scott W) on S'net

Have a look at the pics I've posted here: http://slooby.fotopic.net

Scott W
9th June 2003, 08:02
As Tim says, the dump valve has been a right bitch to fit.

When originally fitted, it seemed to be OK, but coming off the motorway on one occassion, and sticking my foot down the connecting pipework "blew" off the FMIC piping. http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/eek.gif In other words the C clip came out of the groove, and meant the dump valve and piping were detached from the FMIC piping.

We ended up filing some of the C clip away to allow it to slot in to the groove properly, and after 30k's worth of miles (touch wood) it's been fine to date. http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif