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Richard Askew
22nd February 2004, 14:36
Is it detrimental to the health of the car to fit my equal lengths for a few weeks before the turbo and link get fitted and mapped?

Should i knock the boost down using the dawes or not use WOT?


Rich smile.gif

22nd February 2004, 14:52
What turbo and what headers? In general the headers will make a nice big lean spot during spool up. Not necessarily dangerous, but not optimal either.

Assuming you're monitoring knock and AFR's, go for it :D


Richard Askew
22nd February 2004, 14:55
TD05 FE - OBX equal lengths

Have LambdaLink and Knocklink fitted

MY99 UK car = 440cc's too(not uprated pump and reg yet tho)

Lateral Performance Ltd
22nd February 2004, 15:48
Should be fine if you stay off boost.


Richard Askew
22nd February 2004, 15:51
Wind the boost back using the dawes then?

Text you later ref pump and reg mark smile.gif

Lateral Performance Ltd
22nd February 2004, 21:15
You could wind the boost back, or just watch your right foot ;)

Whenever you're ready for a pump/reg.


António Correia Jr
23rd February 2004, 00:51
Did it recently... I'd recommend you'd wait just before the remap.

It was a real pain driving with a light foot and watching boost constantly.

In my case, around 20% more fuel was needed to compensate for the HKS headers!


Richard Askew
23rd February 2004, 09:46

Mark - cheques on its way smile.gif

Think I'll wait till I'm booked in for a mapping session

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